Without Reservations: Supporting Human Rights for Native Americans

Indigenous peoples in the Americas, American Indians, have been decimated several times over. While a lot of loss came from diseases for which there was no native immunity, it is impossible to overstate the intentional displacement, disrespect, and active destruction of indigenous peoples. It is deeply distressing to see that legacy of active disregard continue to this very day. From sending smallpox-infected blankets as deadly "gifts" to the catastrophic Indian Removal Act, there are still only nominal notions of equality. In the current climate of indifference, neglect, and overt deprivation that continues to mar the lives of the descendants of the nation's original inhabitants and cultures, we should be aiming big by granting freedom to Leonard Peltier and changing the name of DC's NFL team as first steps. We should be acting in concrete ways now by supporting the human rights of this country's native peoples, and not kicking the can down the road.

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